air conditioning re-gas

Did you know your air conditioning should be serviced every year to check and top up the refrigerant levels, and also cleanse the air circulation system to maintain cold air output, eliminate bad odours and the harmful bacteria that causes them?

Main car dealers can charge the earth for this service, at Victoria Garage, we don't charge the earth to keep you cool and healthy.  Book your air conditioning re-gas service with us now and chill out.

Environmentally Aware

Before we attempt to refill your air conditioning system with gas, we'll run a pressure check for free. This means we don't need to charge you for wasted gas should you have a leak. All air conditioning systems should be filled with R134a gas (EU rated and tested). It's the only legal gas permitted in your air conditioning system. At Victoria Garage we ensure this happens, respecting the law & the environment!

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